• Andrew Bennison

Kickstarter Cancelled - Next Steps

Hi everyone, despite our best efforts we have unfortunately had to cancel the Kickstarter for Robot Champions. Check out the video if you want an extended explanation or just the text below for the summary.

This was not an easy decision to make but we believe is the right one for two main reasons. First, we have access to a range of analytics and it’s clear that we’re not going to reach the minimum goal outside of a miracle. Second, we clearly overestimated how well the campaign would perform and fully expected to reach stretch goals that are essential to ensuring we can finish RC in a reasonable manner.

We want to make Robot Champions the right way and it’s clear to us now that crowdfunding is the wrong path to take. We’ve already begun work on an alternative plan to fund RC and we are looking towards an Early Access style release in the near future to ensure we keep moving forwards.

Thank you to everyone who spread the message, pledged and sent the Prospect team words of encouragement. The silver lining to this Kickstarter is that it’s shown just how many people care and want to see us complete Robot Champions. We fully intend to make the greatest robot combat game of all time and will continue working towards that goal with your support.

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